The Hemel 'n Aarde Valley is just a few kilometres inland from the picturesque town of Hermanus, enjoying generally moderate temperatures and sea breezes in a climate that suits the growth of thoroughbred horses.  The fertile Valley also grows other nationally and internationally famous farming products: grapes for award winning wines in neighbouring estates and the highest quality fruit and vegetables, supplying major retailers at home and abroad.

Owner David Hepburn-Brown has been raising horses on this land for twenty years. The beautifully developed main property was originally land leased from small adjacent farms that David ran, one now dwarfed by but still forming an important part of Hemel 'n Aarde Stud.

Development has been extensive: new stabling and storage have been added along with additional staff accommodation. Hundreds of metres of new fencing has systematically replaced the old, while ground clearance has extended the paddock/kamp areas up towards the mountains and across both the higher and lower reaches of the farm.  David's mind's eye makes arrangements to fit the landscape and its shelter and to allow close monitoring of every mare. No mare has to battle for feed against too many others.

Whether the horses take it all in or not, the views from some locations on the farm are spectacular and the entire property is backed by the impressive Babylon Tower Mountain Range, looking across the Hemel 'n Aarde Valley below. View or no views, Hemel 'n Aarde Stud has rich land, ideal for raising high quality thoroughbreds. and it shows.